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About Flavors of Fresh

Hey There!

My name is Carrie and I created Flavors of Fresh to help keep me accountable and motivated while making a lifestyle change.

Growing up, I was a competitive athlete but I never really thought about my diet until freshman year of college. I was away on an athletic scholarship and training a minimum of two times a day so it was important to learn how to properly fuel my body. Luckily, I had a roommate who was very interested in eating clean so I decided to adopt her healthy habits. Still though, I did not truly understand what clean eating was (we thought whole-grain goldfish was considered a healthy snack just to give you an idea).

Post-college and my time as an athlete, I started coaching and maintained what I thought was a healthy lifestyle. While I may have been healthy compared to my peers, I still had a lot to learn. After years of on-and-off dieting and a complicated relationship with food and my body, I finally found something that clicked: Paleo! It felt natural, “easy” (I say this loosely because completely changing your lifestyle is never easy) and like something I could do forever.

I began paleo after I joined my first CrossFit box and there was a 30-day paleo challenge. I was at an uncomfortable weight at the time and had no idea how I had gotten there. Even after my first round of eating strict paleo, I fell back into my old habit of yo-yo dieting.

It wasn’t until one summer when I was working abroad that I was able to cleanse myself, both mentally and physically, and saw the results I had been looking for. I only had fresh and natural foods available to me while abroad, so when I got back home I had no desire to eat anything else. About two years later, Flavors of Fresh was born. It was kind of a joke at first – I didn’t think anyone would actually follow my journey – but I told myself even if I just posted pictures to keep myself accountable, that would be enough. To my pleasant surprise there have been so many supportive people I have met along the way! I have been inspired by the amazing paleo community and am proud to be a part of it. Even if you are not strictly paleo, Flavors of Fresh, has tons of delicious recipes to please any palate!

When I’m not cooking, I enjoy my morning workouts at Orangetheory Fitness, playing with my dog Mango, going to the beach and spending time with friends and family - especially my nephew and niece who makes frequent appearances on my IG stories, pretty entertaining stuff. I work in the city in the events and marketing world and am also a collegiate synchronized swimming coach and freelance choreographer on the side.

If you want to learn more about me and Flavors of Fresh, check out my weekly blog posts which include new recipes, then head on over to Instagram and follow @flavors_of_fresh

Happy Cooking!